Rules And Etiquette

Rules And Etiquette

With the objective to always offer the best service to our distinguished members and clients, in The San Roque Golf & Country Club we maintain a very strict policy for rules and etiquettes.

The Rules

– Handicaps limitation: Players must show their handicap certificate at the club. Old Course maximum for men: 28, ladies 36. Members are permitted to play with maximum handicap of 36 (men) and 48 (Ladies), however for official competitions, they also must adhere to the 28/ 36 limit. The New Course maximum for men: 28, ladies 36. The starter and marshall have the right to direct certain players to play from forward tees if deemed to be holding up play. Players who have a high handicap will be allowed to play subject to availability and at a time which does not intrude on other players. If a player holds up the pace of play and refuses to let faster players through they may be asked to leave the course. San Roque members must be federated with the Real Federacion Española de Golf in order to win member´s competitions and the club can administer this.

– Starting Times: Are at 10 minute intervals. Flights are made up as 4 balls; therefore players booking 2 or 3 balls must expect to be paired up with another group in busy periods. Starting times are defined in the Golf Reservations System.

– Pets: It is prohibited to members and visitors, to be accompanied by any kind of domestic pets, or to take them onto the course. The use of any electronic device (mobile phones) or other kind, which produces noise or interferes with play is also forbidden.

– Junior players: All juniors under the age of 14 must play always accompanied by an adult and will have to comply with the minimum handicap required. Juniors under the age of 16 are prohibited to drive buggies on the course and around the club.

– Mobile Phones: The use of mobile phones is not allowed in the golf course, or inside the Clubhouse. Members and their guests are requested to leave the Clubhouse in order to make or receive phone calls. Mobile phones will have to be turned to silence mode when arriving at the club.

– Buggies: Must be kept strictly on the paths during wet periods. Outside of these periods they may be driven in the rough, never down the fairways. Please follow the starter’s and marshall’s instructions. Drivers must be minimum16 years of age. No exceptions will be made to this rule. Players with a severe medical indication will have to present a medical certificate to the club in order to be given the blue flag. The buggies with blue flags will be able, weather permitting, to cross the fairways.

– Dress Code: Anyone visiting the San Roque must be suitably attired at all time. Anyone dressed incorrectly will be asked to change or leave the club. In general, these standards are:

  • Trousers must not be made of denim material
  • Tracksuits are not allowed
  • Shorts must be at least of knee length.
  • Socks must be worn at all times.
  • Football / rugby style polo shirts are not considered golf dress.
  • Ladies T-Shirts: without collar must have sleeves. Ladies T-shirts with collar may be sleeveless.
  • Metal spiked shoes – are not allowed anywhere within the golf resort. They can be changed to soft spikes at a nominal cost. No exception will be made for shoes with non-removable spikes. Tennis shoes and trainers are not considered suitable golf attire.
  • In the restaurant area, the use of bath or sports clothing is not permitted. It is not permitted to go barefoot

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